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Aromas of Xmas - Frankincense and Myrrh

For the majority of Westerners, their only expertise in frankincense essential oil and myrrh comes from the biblical tale they formed two of the three gifts (the other being gold) given by your wise men with the birth of Jesus. Little do many realize, however, which at the time Jesus is assumed to have been delivered, these two gifts have been highly prized and were considered a lot more valuable than simple gold.

Frankincense and myrrh have been valued for their savoury properties throughout the age range. As long ago as 1000 BCE, there was considerable trade in both through the ancient world. Because trees from which each resins are obtained tend to be native to only small regions of the world, this kind of high demand linked with constrained availability meant that frankincense and also myrrh were, at this time, worthy of much more than how much they weigh in gold.


Frankincense (often known as olibanum) is an aromatic glue obtained from species of bushes (Boswellia thurifera, B. sacra or W. carterii) native only to north-east The african continent and the Red Sea region. The brand ‘frankincense’ is probably derived from the saying ‘incense of the Franks’, after the Frankish Crusaders whom introduced it to Europe. The word ‘olibanum’ is believed to be derived from the particular Arabic ‘al-lubán’ (‘the milk’).

Frankincense resin is collected by making cuts into the bark from the tree. The solid milky-white liquid obtained and then solidifies into pea-sized ‘tears’, which are amber in shade. The tears along with essential oil (obtained simply by steam distillation of the cry) are still widely used right now, in incense, perfumes and aromatherapy.

Medicinal Action and also Uses

The warm, special, rich resinous fragrance involving frankincense made the glue an extremely desirable item, and it was popular throughout the ancient world, in Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Persia, The italian capital, Greece and China. The earliest recorded reference to frankincense is on a 15th century BCE Egyptian tomb.

The main use connected with frankincense is, of course, as an ingredient of incense for usage in religious events. Records show that frankincense was used in this way by the Babylonians, Napoleons, Assyrians and the Egyptians. Today, frankincense remains to be a main ingredient in various types of incense.

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